Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4-H Million Trees Project

What better way to celebrate the Florida 4-H Centennial than to "Make the Best Better"? Florida 4-H members have a unique way to celebrate Florida 4-H's birthday by being part of a national initiative - The 4-H Million Trees Project. This project was started by a Pacifica, California 4-H'er who wanted to do something big to help combat climate change. The goal is to mobilize the approximately 7 million 4-H members in North America to participate by planting 1 million trees. These trees will then play a part in reducing atmospheric CO2.

It is estimated that there are 90,000 4-H clubs and units in the U.S. and Canada. If each club or unit planted twelve trees, this goal would be reached. The good news is that 4-H will be continuing this project for the next few years, until the goal is reached. This is a great idea for a club community service project and one that will last and continue to serve the community.

Here are some points and tips if you are interested in knowing more:

  • Clubs interested should register at both the national ( and Florida ( websites. Building the network is critical.
  • The Arbor Day Foundation ( is partnering with 4-H, but you may find other partners.
  • Joining the Arbor Day Foundation allows you to buy twelve trees for a dollar each annually for four years.
  • All trees planted must be native. They provide food and shelter for our native wildlife and thrive in our climate.
  • Plant the right tree in the right place. Large trees need large spaces.
  • Ask at your church, school, or community park for possible planting areas.
  • Planting is just the first step; please plan on follow up care. Newly planted trees need water daily.
  • Participating in this project teaches a 4-H member that they can personally change the world.

In 4-H we teach life skills. The 4-H Million Trees Project will contribute to empowering the next generation of leaders who will know they can make a difference individually and as a group.

For more information please check the websites listed above or call Jean Rogalsky at (727) 582-2597 or email

Friday, November 7, 2008

District IX Holiday Party and Potluck Dinner

Pinellas County 4-H is part of 4-H District IX, along with Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco, Polk, and Sarasota Counties. Each year 4-H members from throughout the district come together for a variety of reasons. District counties may camp together or hold district-wide competitions. Some of these events are hosted by our District Council, a group of teens from our district counties. District Council is best known for their fabulous 4-H District Congress, a day of workshops and activities open to 4-H juniors and intermediates.

A new tradition began last year with the Annual District IX Holiday Party and Potluck Dinner, held at the Pinellas County Extension Office. This year's event is December 12, beginning at 6:00 P.M. Each person attending is required to bring in one toy for admission. As part of our Florida Centennial Initiative, participants will be wrapping these toys at the party. These toys will later be delivered to needy families. The goal is to collect 100 toys to honor 100 years of 4-H in Florida.

Participants of the Holiday Party will take part in exciting activities and meet 4-H members from across the District. One of the activites will be to tour the beautiful holiday lights in the Florida Botanical Gardens. As this is a potluck dinner, each family is asked to bring two dishes to share.

To register your family for this event, please contact Sean Russell, president if District IX Council at

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4-H Operation Military Kids Essay Contest

4-H Operation Military Kids has teamed up with the American Legion Auxiliary to offer the “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: How American Veterans Have Shaped the World” essay contest open to all students in 10, 11, and 12th grades. The essay winner can receive an all-expense paid tripe to the Auxiliary’s Americanism Youth Conference March 5-9, 2009 at Valley Forge, PA. The application deadline is December 1, 2008.

Please contact Georgene Bender at or Cliff Lewis at for more information. The Student winner will be notified by January 14, 2009.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Please Help Us Help You!

Here at Pinellas County Extension we strive to deliver the most current research based information available.

This year we began using blogs like this one and several others to make that information even more accessible. To help make sure that you as the reader are getting the most from our blogs we would like you to take a short survey. Please select the link below to access the online survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and your responses will be completely anonymous.

Thank you for your time and continued support.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

4-H Open House and Apple Cook-Off on November 1

The date of the annual 4-H Open House and Apple Cook-Off is rapidly approaching. All 4-H clubs are invited to promote their clubs, sell items to raise funds, share 4-H activities and experiences, and enjoy the day with the Pinellas County community. As of this writing, we have the following activities lined up:

  • Ambassadors 4-H is hosting the Extreme Gingerbread House Contest
  • Crazy 4 Canines is selling pet treats
  • Ochs 4-H Garden Club is sharing news of the vegetable garden and making apple chips
  • Pony Pals 4-H is hosting an activity, perhaps horse related
  • 4-H Horse Program display
  • Tasting of Apple Cook-Off entries
  • Rocketry
  • All Things Equine 4-H is selling personalized brushes
  • Consumer Choices Skill-a-thon
  • District Council

There are more displays planned. If your club is interested in being part of the 4-H Open House, there is still time to reserve a table. Please contact Jean Rogalsky at (727) 582-2597 or

A big part of this day is the Apple Cook-Off. Pre-Registration forms are available on the 4-H website, or from the 4-H Office. The deadline has been extended, but is limited to the first twenty entries. The recipes can be sweet or savory. Apples can be used in a variety of ways, so be creative! And don't forget that 4-H pecans go very well with apples.

After registering for the contest, be prepared to bring the finished product to the Extension Office by 10:00 A.M. November 1.

Another big event on November 1 is the opening of Market in the Park and the grand opening of the Children's Trail.

These events take place at Pinellas County Extension, 12520 Ulmerton Road, Largo. The Open House runs from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. Come join us for a great day!

Monday, September 29, 2008

4-H Marine and Aquatic Photography Contest

Do you like to take pictures out of doors? If so, the 4-H Marine Ecology program would like to see your pictures of saltwater (marine) or freshwater (aquatic) habitats.

The Marine Ecology Photography Contest is open to 4-H youth, including Cloverbuds. Each 4-H member can enter three photographs in the contest, in any category. Although photographs submitted by Cloverbuds can’t be officially judged in the competition, they will be on display at the event. All photos entered must have been taken in Florida within the last year.

All photographs for the photo contest must be received by the Pinellas County 4-H office by October 17th. All photographs received will be on display at the Marine Ecology Event at the Osceola County Extension Office in Kissimmee on Saturday November 15. Youth do not need to be present at the November 15 event in order to receive a ribbon.

There are 5 categories in which to enter and youth may enter single print photos in any category. All photos must be related to habitat with water and can include photos of animals found in both marine and freshwater environments. The categories are :
· Marine Habitats where the focus in on the habitat not an individual animal or plant.
· Marine Life where the focus is on the animals and/or plants or grouping of marine life
forms (no freshwater).
· People and the Marine/Aquatic world showing how people use and impact both salt and
freshwater world.
· Aquatic Habitat, showing freshwater lakes, ponds, wetlands, swamps or rivers.
· Aquatic life showing specific plants/animals that can be found in freshwater or along the shore.

For questions or further information contact Betty Lipe at or 582-2528, or you can visit this website: marine photo contest rules

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

4-H Open House and Apple Cook-Off - November 1

Most of you have probably heard about the upcoming 4-H Open House and Apple Cook-Off. If not, each 4-H club is invited to participate by reserving a table to promote your club, hold a fund raiser, or host an activity. Last year nine 4-H clubs showed off their clubs' activities and accomplishments. What would your club like to do?

In addition to the activities, workshops, and exhibits, we will be hosting the 2008 Apple Cook-Off. This year we are adding the savory category. This category will include those recipes that are not dessert-like, or sweet. The savory category will be divided the same as the sweet with Youth, Adult, Family, and Healthy divisions. Interested? Here's what you need to know:

  • All recipes must include at least one apple.
  • Finished product must be checked in by 10:00 a.m. (November 1).
  • A card or printout with the recipe and a card with the entrant's name, category, and phone number must accompany the entry.
  • All entries must be pre-registered. Pre-registration forms are available at (underneath the list of Cloverleaf newsletters), by e-mailing, or by calling the 4-H Office.
  • Ribbons and certificates will be awarded. Prizes will be awarded to the top winners in each category.
  • After judging, all entries will be offered for sampling.

Mark your calendars for November 1, 10:00 - 3:00, at the Extension Office for the 4-H Open House and Apple Cook-Off. Invite your friends and neighbors to come out and see what 4-H is all about. This is also the opening of Market in the Park, so plan on parking at the EMS parking lot.

Friday, September 5, 2008

4-H Apple and Pecan Sale

Sell, sell, sell, apples and pecans is the motto for September! Each club leader should have received their apple and pecan order forms for their members. This fundraiser is not only important to raise needed funds for your club, but it is also the largest fundraiser of the year for the 4-H Foundation. The foundation needs money because they support all of your scholarships to camps, Congress, Legislature, and many other great 4-H activities and events.

The following are some sale tips to get you going:

  • Deliver a letter/flyer to neighbors telling them about the sale. Leave an order form with the letter/flyer so they have time to look over what you are selling. Follow a couple days later to close the sale.
  • If there is a special event in your area, ask if you can set up a table to sell and promote your club at the same time.
  • Spread the word. Ask friends and family to help you sell by asking people they know to buy apples and pecans.
  • Sell to the parents on your sports teams or other youth organization you belong to.
  • Sell to family and friends (Grandma is always good.)
  • Ask your parents to sell at their work (maybe the boss will buy a bushel of apples to share with all his/her employees.
  • Make a pitch or come up with a gimmick to let people know how good the apples taste.
  • Sell to former northerners or snow birds who know just how yummy apples from up north can be.
  • Offer to sell 1/4 bushels (you would have to handle this one yourself) and turn in 1/2 and full bushel orders to the 4-H office.
  • Ask a local supermarket if you can sell outside their store.
  • Ask organizations or churches that you belong to if your information on the sale can be included in their newsletter (timing would have to be just right for this one).

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ochs 4-H Vegetable Garden Orientation September 2

The Ochs 4-H Vegetable Garden project has a limited number of 10' x 12' plots remaining. Membership is available to youth 5 t0 18 years old, as of September 1, 2008. What better way for your child to learn life skills than through 4-H, growing and eating fresh nutritious vegetables.


September 2, 2008 at 6:30 P.M.
Pinellas County Extension
12520 Ulmerton Road

Largo 33774

In order to attend orientation, you must pre-register by calling Jean Rogalsky at (727) 582-2597.

Youth who join the Ochs 4-H vegetable garden also become members of the Ochs Garden 4-H Club with full county 4-H membership for the 2008-09 year. The garden and club are located at the Ochs 4-H Educational Center at 14644 113th Ave, Largo. The garden is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. and Saturdays 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. Club meetings are Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. The cost to join 4-H is $15 per year, plus $10 per garden plot. Seeds, starter plants, project books, and tools are provided.

Dear Fellow Pinellas County 4-H Foundation Supporter:

I want to thank you for your passion for Pinellas County 4-H Foundation. Over the years you have supported Pinellas County 4-H Foundation with your voice, your energy, and your dollars. Now, we're proud to say, it's time to give you something back! Pinellas County 4-H Foundation has a new membership service that actually puts the "fun" into fundraising...and it won't cost you a penny.

Pinellas County 4-H Foundation now has its own travel website at!
This new service is like having our own Expedia® just for Pinellas County 4-H Foundation supporters and friends! Everything you need is right here. You get access to the same airlines, hotels and rental car companies, cruises, and vacation packages you find on all the other major travel websites, and, best of get some of the lowesttravel prices on the internet!

Getting great travel prices for you is fantastic, right? But, how is this going to help raise funds for Pinellas County 4-H Foundation? Here's How it Works - if you don't know, every time you use a travel website like Expedia®, the travel companies pay BIG commissions for your reservation.
Well, now when you book travel on our website, Pinellas County 4-H Foundationwill receive royalties from YTB totaling a whopping 60% of those commissions!

Any way you look at it, this is a win-win situation. You get great travel rates and you help funnel dollars from the travel companies into Pinellas County 4-H Foundation. With your help and other Pinellas County 4-H Foundation supporters like you...we can raise TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars for Pinellas County 4-H Foundation!

Why not take the Pinellas County 4-H Foundation travel website for a "test drive" right now? I'm sure you'll like what you find and it would be a great way for us to kick off this new service.
Try out our new website

Use our new travel website and while you are traveling you'll know you are supporting Pinellas County 4-H Foundation! It’s that simple!Oh, and one more thing, please bookmark our new website. That way you'll be able to use it anytime you need travel. Thanks for your commitment to Pinellas County 4-H Foundation and for trying out our travel service at

Monday, August 18, 2008

Applications Now Being Accepted for Youth Leadership Pinellas

I would like to recommend this program to 4-H members that meet the requirements stated below. I participated in the adult Leadership Program in 2002 and learned so much about my community and how I could make a difference. The Youth Leadership Pinellas program, sponsored by Leadership Pinellas and the YMCA of the Suncoast, is accepting applications for the Class of 2008-2009 through October 6, 2008. The program seeks to provide information on community resources and issues, develop an excellence in leadership, build teamwork skills and foster involvement in community services for a diverse group of 10th and 11th grade high school students.

Youth Leadership Pinellas is a seven-month program, operating from November through May. Participants meet for five full-day sessions, plus an orientation retreat and graduation event.
Dialogue is created between established and potential leaders of diverse backgrounds, including business and professional individuals, plus leaders of government, education and other fields. A wide range of topics exposes the youths to the decisions facing their community today. Emphasis is on active, hands-on experience that makes the learning meaningful and interesting.

To be eligible for the program, students must attend an accredited high school in the Tampa Bay area, demonstrate leadership or be emerging leaders in school or community activities, have an interest in addressing issues in their community, be academically sound (a B average or better is recommended), be eager to learn and have strong team spirit and be willing to follow the School Code of Conduct and policy set forth by Youth Leadership Pinellas.

For more information about Youth Leadership Pinellas, or to request a program brochure and application, contact Stephanie Zaragoza at the YMCA of the Suncoast, (727) 467-9622, or Leadership Pinellas, (727) 585-8889.

The application dates for YLP are the following:
Application deadline - Monday, October 6th
Interviews – The Week of October 20th (exact days and times dependent on number of applications received)
Orientation – Sunday, November 2nd

Friday, August 15, 2008

Important Dates for Upcoming 4-H Events & Activities

August 25 - County Council @ PCE (Extension office) - 6 p.m.
August 28 - Leaders Meeting – Kickoff - 7 p.m.
September 1 - 4-H Apple & Pecan Sale Begins
September 2 - Ochs Garden Orientation @ PCE - 6:30 p.m.
September 12 – 14 - First Executive Board @ Camp Cherry Lake
October 2 – 5 - Southern Region Leaders Forum/Rock Eagle 4-H Center
October 8 - Community Pride Proposals Due
October 21 - 4-H Advisory Meeting @ PCE - 6 p.m.
November 1 - 4-H Open House & Apple Cook Off
November 15 - Marine Ecology Competition in Kissimmee
December 5 – 7 - Second Executive Board @ Camp Ocala

Monday, August 4, 2008

Do Something! is a website for an organization that gives out a grant each week to youth who are looking for funding for a community action project. It reads: Did you recently create a sustainable community action project, program or organization? Do you need $500 to further the growth and success of your program? If you answered, "YES!" , you are eligible to apply for a Plum Youth Grant. Plum grants are given out weekly. Yep, that's right--we said WEEKLY!. The link to the grants web page is:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4-H Clubs To Go Online

Web sites are an easy and increasingly important way for educators, teens, and people in general to reach an audience, clientele, and friends in an ever-growing global society. That’s why the Pinellas County 4-H Technology Team is gearing up to help 4-H Clubs go online with the help of a website creation tool, the expertise of the 4-H Technology Team, and their already formulated website, the Pinellas 4-H Teen Connection. On Thursday August 7th, 2008 from 10:00a.m.-12:00p.m. at the Pinellas County Extension Office the 4-H Technology Team will be training 4-H clubs on Web site building. The 4-H Technology Team asks that each 4-H Club Leader designate one adult and a participating youth to attend the training (limited to 6 clubs – first come first serve.) Additional training will be scheduled as needed. Please contact Richard Livingstone at 727-582-2103 or to sign up.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Disney Minnie Grants for Youth Volunteers

Youth Service America and Disney are pleased to launch a second round of Disney Minnie Grants to engage children and youth, ages 5-14 as community volunteers. The selected applications will receive $500 to support their youth-led service projects. The deadline is August 30 and projects must take place October 15-November 15, 2008. Visit for more information and application materials. You can review past award recipients from all over the world at:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

4-H'ers Have a Blast at Camp Ocala

This past June, 4-H’ers from four District 9 counties gathered at 4-H Camp Ocala for a great time making new friends having fun, and even learning. Pinellas County is joined by Polk, Pasco, and Hillsborough Counties for this week-long adventure in the Ocala National Forest. In addition to the beautiful forest scenery, campers also enjoy the nearly pristine Lake Sellers. By the end of the week, most campers had a summer’s worth of stories, camp songs, and tall tales to share with friends and family.

Campers participated in a variety of activities all week long. They also choose one County Class they attend for a class period each day. This year’s County Classes included the Press Team. This group spent their class time each day interviewing campers and taking pictures. By Friday morning the team had published a camp newspaper and “delivered” one to each camper. The Rocketry classes spent their week building rockets and then launching them for the whole camp to watch. Some of the rockets gained such attitude, they temporarily disappeared from sight. One of the biggest classes was Ball Room Dancing. It was nicely balanced by the Hip Hop Fitness class taught by counselor Katy Wheeler. In all, campers could choose from ten County Classes.

At Thursday night’s candle lighting ceremony, Brian Sackett of the King’s English 4-H club, was honored as the Junior Head 4-H Spirit. The Spirits include Head, Heart, Hands, Health, and Spirit. The adults and senior counselors look for campers who exemplify the values of 4-H. Brian was overwhelmingly elected Junior Head.

One of the highlights of the week was Wednesday’s flag retirement ceremony at campfire. Fourteen of the senior camp counselors each read a narrative piece that described the history, meaning, and importance of our flag. Many of the campers had tears in their eyes as they thought of their family members who were in Iraq or other places overseas.

In addition to the campers, there was a family of three sandhill cranes that spent the day walking around the camp, looking for good things to eat in the ground. When another sandhill family landed at the camp, they were noisily chased away by the adult cranes of the first family. Every year these birds raise one or two babies right in the middle of camp.

The Ocala National Forest is home to a great variety of wildlife. Bears, foxes, and bobcat have all been spotted in the area. This year mysterious tracks were spotted next to the camp. Suggested identities range from a panther to the neighbor’s dog. In any case, the story of the tracks will be the next tall tale from Camp Ocala.

Pinellas 4-H camps for one week each summer at Camp Ocala. For more information about the 4-H camp or environmental education program, please contact Jean Rogalsky at And keep reading the 4-H blog.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Build Stronger Families With Help From Pinellas 4-H Youth Development

Families with teenagers have their own set of unique challenges to deal with on the home front. To help families with youth ages 11 to 17 tackle these issues, Pinellas County Extension 4-H Youth Development is holding a two-day Family Teening-Up Workshop to help build stronger relationships. Parents, caregivers and youth should plan on attending both days of the workshop together.

The workshop is planned for Saturday, July 19, and Saturday, August 2, and will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on both days. It will be held at Pinellas County Extension centrally located at 12520 Ulmerton Road in Largo.

The workshop is a group learning program to help parents, caregivers and teens learn about and understand the normal development of teenagers and improve their family communication. Practical information and resources with hands-on learning activities to enhance family relationships will be shared.

Saturday, July 19 Day One focuses on topics such as the teen brain, transitions in adolescence and positive discipline.

Saturday, August 2 Day Two targets talking with teens about issues that affect their daily lives, understanding teen anger while managing yours and empowering teens to build assets. Families must attend Day One of the workshop to be eligible for this one.

This informative program includes course materials and healthy snacks. Families receive a Family Resource Binder complete with all program information to take home. The cost for the two-day workshop and materials is $25 per family. Registration is required for this 4-H Family Teening-Up Workshop. Call (727) 582-2450 for more information.

Please note that this program is not designed to offer therapy or other services for teens and families with more serious problems.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Countryside High School Cleans Up Its Act with a 4-H Community Service Grant!

During a school-wide beautification project entitled “Pitch-in” Countryside, Countryside High School’s Interact Club solved their school problem involving trash and a lack of school pride. With the assistance of a 4-H Community Service Grant of $500.00 members of the Interact Club, lead by Club President Shelby Hanna, partnered with many other clubs and organizations in getting their school clean. The Clean-up included cleaning the metal supports around the walkways of the school, picking up trash around the grounds, and landscaping around the school sign. The day long event, which was attended by 100+ Countryside students, faculty, and staff as well as outside support and involvement from the surrounding community was “amazing” said club President Shelby Hanna in a final report submitted to the Community Service Grants Board of Directors summarizing the project. “We received more in-kind and monetary support than we expected” with groups such as Westshore Pizza, Vax-D, GFWC No. Pinellas Woman’s Club, Rotary Club of Safety Harbor, Chick-fil-A, Accent Awnings, Einstein Bagel Brothers, and Palm Harbor Nursery and Landscaping all showing their support. Shelby stated “We will have to wait a few more weeks to see if the trash problem inside our school is improving” but all-in-all the group realized they have their own civic responsibility to work together and to have personal pride in their school and that they are all leaders and have their own special skills. To read a little more about this project and others like it, check out the Grants Board portion of the upcoming Cloverleaf and go to to see pictures from the event.

By Richard Livingstone, 4-H Youth Mentor

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School Club SAVE Completes Grant Funded Project

With the help of a $500.00 grant from the 4-H Community Service Grants Board, Tarpon Springs Fundamental Elementary School Club SAVE completed a community service project with the Grace House in Clearwater. Under the guidance of club president Grace Boudreau, Club SAVE collected 1118 books and constructed 12 book cases to be placed in the 12 apartments offered for temporary housing at The Grace House. Last year alone, Grace House provided housing to 544 people, 355 of them were children. In an attempt to solve local community homelessness, Club SAVE set out to identify a problem and a way to fix it. That’s when the idea of providing free books for homeless families came about. “Books would not only encourage reading but provide a way to escape from a stressful environment” said Grace Boudreau in a Final Report submitted to the Community Service Grants Board of Directors summarizing the project. To read a little more about this project and others like it, check out the Grants Board portion of the upcoming Cloverleaf and go to to see pictures from the event.

By Richard Livingstone, 4-H Youth Mentor

Friday, June 13, 2008

Purchase Clover Country Now

National 4-H Council has partnered with EMI Music to create "Clover Country: Songs from Famous 4-H Alumni"—the first-of-its-kind country music compilation CD featuring famous 4-H alumni. This extraordinary blend of country music showcases the benefits of 4-H through talented 4-H alumni. Proceeds from each CD sold supports 4-H programs and millions of youth across America.

Clover Country features Grammy-winning song writer, Hillary Lindsey's "The Clown," which Lindsey exclusively recorded for the album. The CD also includes hit songs from country music mega stars and 4-H alumni Sugarland, Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Vince Gill, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell, Luke Bryan and Alabama.

You can purchase your own copy by visiting

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4-H Project Achievement

The 4-H project is the foundation of the 4-H program. While completing a project, a 4-H’er learns to plan, be organized, reflect, write, and practice public speaking skills as well as learn about the subject matter of the project. Each completed project is quite an accomplishment and something to be proud of. In fact, 4-H’ers use part of their 4-H projects for their school projects. Every 4-H’er who completes a project will receive an invitation to our 4-H Awards and Recognition Banquet August 15 and will be awarded a 4-H pin and certificate. Achievement is the first step to winning many 4-H awards.

Project achievement consists of four parts:
Demonstration – The demonstration must relate to the project book and presented to a group, preferably the club.
Exhibit – The exhibit is a small educational display that illustrates a part of the project. An example would be a display of samples of dog treats with their nutritional value.
Project Book – The project book should be neatly completed according to the instructions.
Project Report – Also called the Project Summary for Cloverbuds, the Project Report includes all your activities and accomplishments for the year. The 4-H leader must also sign this book.

4-H club leaders: Please turn in your club’s project judging sheets to the 4-H Office by June 23.

All blue ribbon projects should be brought in for county judging by July 12. These projects will be on display at the County Extension Office the week of August 11 until the Awards and Recognition Banquet August 15.

So now that school is out, what better time to complete your 4-H project?

If you have any questions about completing or judging a 4-H project, please call the 4-H Office at 582-2215 or e-mail

Friday, May 30, 2008

An Adventure in Life

Betty Lipe, Educational Instructor

For six weeks in April and May, 67 classes in Pinellas County experienced an adventure in life. They had incubators in their classrooms and were watching chicks develop. This program called fondly Egg and Chick, or more formerly Embryology, allows youth to learn Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, and Social Skills as they explore the world of chick development.
The process of hatching chicks generates many questions about chicks from the students. Questions such as “Why are chicks yellow?” and “Can we help the chicks to hatch?” are very common as the students study the later stages.

This program takes 21 days in the classroom as the chick goes from a germinal disk on the egg yolk to a chick ready to hatch. Each day the students turn the eggs and check the temperature in the incubator. They make sure that the temperature stays at a solid 100 degrees for the 21 days. They also write stories, draw pictures, make predications, and read and tell stories about chickens.

On day 21, the excitement in the classroom is something to see. The students keep checking the incubator to see if the chicks have pipped the egg. Pipping is what occurs when the chick begins to break out of the shell. The students also learn patience as it sometimes takes 24 hours for a chick to actually get out of the egg. After the program all chicks go to homes zoned for chickens to do what chickens are meant to do.

To see a chick hatch visit:

To see a series of embryos (no chicks were killed to create the program) and see how fast they develop go to:

Friday, May 16, 2008

Pinellas County Shines at District IX Events

On May 3, Pinellas County 4-H'ers joined Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, and Polk County in Bartow for 4-H District Events. These public speakers and performers earned the right to compete through their winning presentations at County Events. Twenty-six Pinellas youth competed in categories from swing dancing in Share the Fun to a Career Exploration talk on becoming a veterinarian. Sixteen of these competitors not only received a blue ribbon, but also received the highest score in their category.
They are:
Chase Hunter, Nina Jenkins, Katie Hendrix, Michaela Polmann, Joshua Sackett, Brian Sackett, and Ramius Stiehler.
Miranda Reyes, Vanessa Yore, Danielle Hendrix, and Micah Tonnesen.
Alicia Griggs, Angela Zazzaro, Melissa Sharp, and Stephanie Tonnesen.

Junior and Intermediate winners from Pinellas County were awarded a full scholarship to 4-H Camp Ocala. Senior winners were awarded a scholarship to 4-H State Congress. These awards are sponsored by the Pinellas County 4-H Foundation.

As you can see from the smiling faces in the district photo above, their hard work was well worth it. Congratulations to all our participants!

If you have photos from District IX Events you would like to share, please send them to They may be in our next 4-H Photo Gallery.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome to the Pinellas 4-H Blog:

Your new home for the latest news and information on what is going on in 4-H! Here you will be notified of event results like Area E, Demonstration Day, and Night of the Arts. We will also keep you informed on events like Camp Ocala, Congress, and what's happening with Operation Military Kids. This is where you will hear the latest on 4-H in the Classroom and 4-H Afterschool. Finally, we will post opportunities for youth and adult volunteers and community service. We know that checking a website every day for new information is hard to do, so we have made subscribing to the blog easy.

Just below the logos, on the right hand side of this screen, enter your email address. A pop up will ask you to enter a series of letters. After entering the letters you will receive a message about a confirmation email. Within a few minutes your confirmation will arrive in your inbox. Once you receive your email click the link and you will receive a notice that says “Email Subscription Confirmed!”

That is all you have to do. Each time the blog is updated, you will receive an email.