Friday, July 22, 2011

State 4-H Horse Show Results

A few weeks ago, in the rainy summer weather, 4-H riders and their horses who had qualified at their Area Horse Shows, met in Tampa at the equestrian center to compete in the State 4-H Horse Show.
The results can be found at: Here you will find the Class Results and Overall Awards. Pinellas county did very well, so check out the Class Results. In the Overall Awards, Sara Poppleton came in 9th for Junior High Point and Kristen Venable (with We Gotta Star) received the High Point Paint Award.

Congratulations to Carol Nunez and Amanda Benedict for qualifying for the Regional 4-H Horse Show.

We are proud of all the riders and horses that competed this year.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4-H Camp Ocala - The Camp, the Myth, the Legend

This year the theme for 4-H camp was mythology, and this year proved to be a camp experience that was indeed legendary. Perhaps it was the full moon, or the shooting stars, but this week was one of the smoothest and most fun weeks ever. From the adult perspective, the camp week was a success because there were no major problems and no one had to be brought to the hospital.
Camp Counselor Keri said camp was the best experience of the summer because she was able to meet all new types of people and enjoyed the marshmallow paint war. Keri enjoyed the cell phone free week and thought it encouraged campers to be friendly and make new friends.
Camp Counselor Emily felt the week was a great way to practice leadership skills. The fifteen campers in her cabin proved a challenge, but she was able to meet the challenge and still have happy rested campers in the cabin.
Every year the adults and Sr. Counselors vote on which campers best represent the four H's of Head, Heart, Hands, Health, and Spirit. Here are the results:

Head Lacey Steele Pinellas
Heart Bowen Fisher Polk
Hands Jirah Whitehouse Polk
Health Sarah Moultrie Pinellas
Spirit Michael Mitchell Pinellas
Head Rebecca Whitehouse Polk
Heart Walter Whitehouse Polk
Hands David Squitieri Hillsborough
Health Savannah Prine Polk
Spirit Evan Julian Pinellas

This is the second year in a row Evan has won this reward.

Camping is one of the 4-H delivery methods. While on the surface it looks like all fun, children also learn to think for themselves, be more independent, and make new friends that will last a lifetime. For more information on the 4-H camping program, please contact Jean Rogalsky at