Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4-H Leaders, Volunteers, and Donors

It is time to celebrate our 100 years of success in Florida 4-H. The annual 4-H Leader, Volunteer, and Donor banquet will take place June 12 at the Pinellas County Extension Office. This year the celebration will be extra special as we continue to celebrate our Florida 4-H Centennial. Recognition of our adult volunteers and donors is as important to 4-H as is recognition of youth achievements.
Many people think the only way to volunteer for 4-H is to be a club leader. The invitation list to the annual dinner is testament to the variety of ways one can volunteer with 4-H. In addition to the club leaders, we also have activity and project leaders who may volunteer with more than one club. Fair and competent judges for 4-H events is a critical need, so we are sure to recognize these volunteers, even though we may only see them two or three times a year. Advisory Committee and Foundation members meet regularly to provide direction to the 4-H program and are an important group of volunteers. Other volunteers help with clerical tasks in the office and may never see a 4-H club meeting.
4-H donors are also a varied group. They may be an organized group like the Pinellas County Farm Bureau or the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg. Many times they are individuals who donate to support a project or to send a deserving child to 4-H camp. Some donors remember the great times they had as a 4-H'er and make an annual general donation.
One very special donor is the Pinellas County 4-H Foundation who is sponsoring this event.
So if you are a 4-H volunteer or donor, watch your e-mail for your invitation. If you are not a volunteer, and want more information, please contact Jean Rogalsky at jrogalsk@pinellascounty.org for more information.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Are You Ready for 4-H Camp Ocala?

The long awaited camp packets are ready and are available at the Pinellas 4-H Office. This 4-H residential camp is open to all registered Pinellas 4-H members. Be sure to complete and return your packet, filled out completely with all necessary forms and signatures and a $50 deposit, as soon as possible. Space is limited, so don't be left behind. The cost is $195 for the week and includes everything except transportation.
You may download the packet and checklist here:


Save the date! Camp orientation will be June 15 at 6:30 at the Pinellas Extension Office. Camp counselor training will be in Pasco County June 5th. If you are interested in applying for a camp counselor, please contact Pinellas 4-H Agent Jean Rogalsky at jrogalsk@pinellascounty.org.